Upcoming ipo in India with details and current gmp today

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. It is the process through which a company offers its shares to the public for the first time, in order to raise capital. In the Indian stock market, an IPO is launched by a company when it wants to raise funds from the public.

The process of an IPO involves several steps, including filing a prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), obtaining necessary approvals, setting a price for the shares, and allotting them to investors. Once the shares are allotted, they are listed on a stock exchange, such as the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or the National Stock Exchange (NSE), and can be traded like any other shares.

Investors who participate in an IPO can buy shares at the offer price, which is usually lower than the market price once the shares are listed on the stock exchange. This can provide an opportunity for investors to earn a profit if the share price increases after the IPO. However, investing in an IPO can also be risky, as the share price may not perform as expected.

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